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Hamstringing Pediatric Cancer Research

Government regulations and controls hinder discovery, treatment, and affordability

The mission of the Bridge to a Cure Foundation is to increase the pace and success of pediatric cancer research. In order to do that, we need to remove barriers to finding cures and effective treatments. In this blog we will look […]

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The Cure to Pediatric Cancer is at Our Fingertips!

So why aren’t we seeing breakthroughs in the cure for pediatric cancer?

Technology has made it clear that the collection and analysis of information is our most valuable tool for achieving scientific breakthroughs. Computers today can collect and store billions of sheets of information from millions of sources, analyze millions of […]

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Pediatric Research and Trump’s Pledge

Building a robust national database is crucial to energize breakthroughs
against cancer and other childhood afflictions

Last month President Donald Trump surprised advocates for cancer patients by proposing to spend $500 million over 10 years on pediatric cancer research, starting in 2020 with a focus on sharing patient data. Bridge […]

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Breaking down barriers, bridging to a cure

As Brain Tumor Awareness Month comes to an end, we are reminded that we must continue our fight to find a cure.

For the families of the approximately 4,600 children who will learn they have a brain tumor this year, a diagnosis will lead to many questions and endless Internet searches […]

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