Robert Martin

Robert Martin

After retiring as a division president of a Fortune 500 Company, Robert returned to his childhood infatuation with story-telling. He has a lot of stories to tell, many of them based on events experienced in the over 80 countries he has visited and the sixteen years he lived with his wife and two daughters in West Africa, Latin America and Asia. His first book, The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels, takes place in London, England. It is the first in The Keira and Papa Detective Agency Series.

Robert has been an activist for children at risk both in the United States and internationally. His writing is a continuation of his effort to make a difference in the lives of the young. But this time it is a bit different. The audience is broader. It includes the kids next door. Those presumed safe. These are the children who feel unnoticed and whose concerns go unanswered, as their parents struggle to cope with the mounting stress of everyday living.

Robert believes that grandparents can help—they can be an emotional rock, a wise friend and a playful elder. There is no greater bond than the trust and love between a grandparent and their grandchild. Robert’s books combine the excitement from his childhood story-telling with the insight gained from working with children at risk throughout the world. These are books that are fun and engaging as well as enlightening and heart-warming. They are books that bring grandparents and grandchildren together, where children get noticed and their concerns answered, where grandparents make a difference.

Robert lives with his wife in Fort Myers, Florida, where he focuses on his writing and on helping children at risk. He is on the board of a foundation that deals with children at risk. It is considered the most successful of its kind in the world. Other interests include golf, foreign affairs, higher education, skiing, long distance running (two marathons) and the warmth of family and friends.

Robert is also an advocate for children battling a serious disease for which a cure is not foreseen in the near future. Worse, for many of these children there is no research institution with a program whose mission is to develop life-sustaining-treatments that might provide a bridge until a cure is found. Robert is hoping to correct this void with the establishment of the Bridge to a Cure Foundation. The mission of Bridge to a Cure is to provide research funding for the development of life-sustaining treatments. The expectation is that the research will not only consider current and prior clinical trials, but also drugs that are off patent, and many of the non-traditional treatments. To learn more about Bridge to a Cure, please visit

Keira Martin Ely

Keira Ely

Keira is Robert’s granddaughter. She lives in New York City with her mom, dad, sister and Maggie, her Golden-doodle. She has been writing short stories for her parents since she was six years old. Keira plays the classical guitar, and loves sports.

Although young herself, she cares deeply about the happiness and welfare of other children. Her sensitivity and keen insight provide her with the ability to relate to a wide array of the concerns children face. This, along with her creative imagination, bring to life each scene and each feeling in her writing.

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