To Unlock the Power of Partnerships,

Alignment of Goals Is Key

Imagine the benefits of a nationally integrated research database dedicated to childhood cancer discovery that harnesses the power and speed of artificial intelligence (AI) and its algorithmic capabilities. Envision the improved outcomes when we reward collaboration in addition to competition. Picture smart, motivated people from all walks of life banding together to ensure children and families never have to suffer from the torment that cancer inflicts.


Bridge To A Cure Foundation greatly respects the researchers, practitioners, and institutions working to provide better outcomes for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Your commitment to saving lives is an intense intellectual and emotional challenge that often goes unnoticed.

Thanks to the insight and input of more than 120 pediatric oncologists and other healthcare professionals from leading institutions such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Duke Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering , Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic, and other leading cancer centers, we now realize what our medical professionals need to finally wipe out the savage cells that target our children. Based on their invaluable insight, we developed the tenets of our Action Plan.

These are the dedicated healers that work tirelessly to change the status quo — realizing that we cannot continue to repeat what hasn’t worked and who feel the urgency to implement a better approach to childhood cancer research. To learn more, read our blog article Recognizing Children’s Unsung Heroes.






As we raise awareness of the children battling cancer, we must focus and accelerate the momentum toward achieving the breakthroughs kids and their families so desperately need. Nonprofit research investment initiatives will reap greater success if we all become advocates to build a national childhood cancer research database, establish a clinical trial process specifically for children, and close loopholes in childhood cancer funding.

That’s why we’re building bridges that connect non-profits focused on finding cures with the understanding that each can be more effective through a partnership of shared information, the latest investigative technology, leadership best practices, and sound governance.

We challenge bold non-profit leaders to expect more — and donors to demand more — so together we can shift out of philanthropic inefficiency, accelerating the pace and success of cures for childhood cancer. Read more about our ideas for working together here.


We’re at a moment in history where the corporate mantra of maximizing shareholder value alone is insufficient, thanks in part to the sensibility of the millennial generation, who overwhelmingly believe that corporations should do more to better mankind — and they should be rewarded for it. In return, investors should reward them with higher multiples.

Bridge To A Cure Foundation encourages pharmaceutical and technology companies to responsibly invest in pediatric cancer initiatives previously thought to be unjustifiable, and for investors to reward those companies that innovate for social good as part of their corporate objectives and culture. A model must be created, and there’s no better place to start than with the funding of childhood cancer research. This is how the power of capitalism can be harnessed to improve the human condition.

Learn more about the Millennial Corporation concept here.






Not only is cancer a looming medical issue, it’s a public policy one. From the founding of the National Cancer Institute in 1937 under President Franklin Roosevelt and the National Cancer Act of 1971, in which President Richard Nixon declared a “War on Cancer,” to the 21st Century Cures Act — the “Cancer Moonshot” program which increased funding to spur biomedical research — the U.S. federal government has long sought to drive cancer cures.

Instead, government red tape and its associated costs have too often become a barrier to progress. Bridge To A Cure Foundation engages with elected and appointed officials, policymakers, and candidates to advocate for review our country’s regulatory strategy and eliminate regulations that are a barrier to research, and to add regulations and incentives that accelerate meaningful breakthroughs.

By redefining the role of government in pediatric cancer research, we can harness its power to achieve the breakthroughs so many children are counting on. Discover our ideas to realign and re-prioritize the government efforts here.


Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among America’s youth, so accelerating the pace and success of cures for childhood cancer must be a national priority.

It’s time that families, neighbors, and communities demand more from our healthcare system, our nonprofit foundations, our pharmaceutical and technology companies, and our government. We know how painfully slowly research has progressed in fighting pediatric cancer – too slow to bring hope to children facing these diseases today. Repeating what we’ve done in the past won’t cut it.

Join Bridge To A Cure Foundation to ensure the health and happiness of hundreds of thousands of our nation’s children. Donate today or click to learn about other ways you can take action.