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Seize the Potential of Collaborative Data to Help Kids

As we continue to push for a universal database of information on pediatric cancers and other childhood diseases and disorders, we see tremendous value in this approach for fighting other conditions that strike in childhood, such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). children and adolescents [...]

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Putting the Pieces Together for the Fight Against Cancer

Private enterprise, medicine, science, and government are all moving in the right direction. When will they start pulling together? The Bridge to a Cure Foundation exists to tear down the deadly barriers that impede the timely development of effective treatments and cures for cancer. Number one on that [...]

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3 Barriers to Improving Cancer Research

What’s preventing our great medical minds from developing effective cancer treatments? What all successful organizations have in common that is missing in medical research is the following: 1. Access to information. 2. Fast, reliable product development processes. 3. A culture of collaboration.

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Sustaining Life to Save Lives: We Can Help Kids Live Longer

As a grandparent, I’m always trying to think of new ways to connect with my grandkids—new ways to encourage them, help them grow and thrive, and support them in having a happy, fulfilling life. When my granddaughter Clara was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I dedicated my efforts to supporting [...]

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