2023 was a year of significant strides for Bridge To A Cure Foundation in our ongoing fight against childhood cancer. Our focus is clear: to unite and transform the research landscape, prioritizing collaboration over competition. A quick look at the Bridge To A Cure 2023 Annual Report reveals the extent of our progress, highlighting innovative strategies to accelerate research progress and bring us closer to our ambitious goal – a 50% reduction in childhood cancer deaths by 2030.

Breaking Down Silos: Collaboration is Our Jab
The challenge to eliminate childhood cancer is a team effort. Bridge To A Cure believes that fostering partnerships among research institutions, non-profits, and funding bodies unlocks a wealth of knowledge and resources. In 2023, a key accomplishment was the launch of Project Accelerate, the largest pediatric brain tumor data release ever. This initiative throws a powerful jab at information silos, making data from over 8, 400 enrolled children readily available to researchers worldwide. This shared knowledge fuels the development of lifesaving treatments, accelerating progress toward cures.

Building a Unified Defense: Championing a National Database
We didn’t stop there. Working with our partners, we championed the creation of a comprehensive national childhood cancer database. This initiative strengthens our defenses, eliminating data fragmentation and presenting a unified front against this complex enemy. With complete information at their fingertips, researchers now have the agility to navigate the intricacies of childhood cancer, ensuring targeted and effective treatment strategies.

Open Science: Landing Powerful Punches
The key to winning any battle is a robust offense. Bridge To A Cure’s advocacy for open science practices in 2023 was another powerful right hook. By promoting open access to data, we ensure researchers have a complete picture of this formidable foe. This allows them to land powerful combinations of therapies, accelerating the development of effective treatments for children everywhere.

AI and Big Data: Cornering the Enemy
Every advantage counts in this championship bout. Recognizing this, Bridge To A Cure championed using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. These tools act like our corner team, analyzing data and identifying patterns and weaknesses in real time. This translates to faster diagnoses, more accurate treatment plans, and ultimately, improved outcomes for children battling cancer.

Delivering the Finishing Blow: Partnering for Impact
A solid ring strategy is crucial for victory. In 2023, Bridge To A Cure partnered with technology and pharmaceutical companies to streamline data delivery to researchers and clinicians. This collaboration ensures critical information reaches the right hands at the right time, accelerating the development of affordable cancer therapies that can be readily implemented to save lives.

Meet the Challenge: Together We Can Win
As we enter 2024, Bridge To A Cure remains committed to knocking out childhood cancer, one innovation at a time. We invite you to explore the foundation’s 2023 Annual Report, “The Fight of A Lifetime” for a detailed look at Bridge To A Cure alliance accomplishments and ongoing initiatives. Join us in this incredible challenge. Together, we can deliver the ultimate victory through collaboration and innovation – a world free from childhood cancer.

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