5,000 Children Enrolled in the Children’s Brain Tumor Network

Pediatric brain tumors are rare yet devastating, and it is essential to collect tumor tissue to unravel their biology and explore potential therapies. With over 125 types of childhood brain tumors and new subtypes continually being discovered, collecting these tumors for research is crucial. CBTN converts these precious resources into reusable large-scale data, empowering researchers to gain a deeper understanding of these complex diseases.

“The research conducted by the Children’s Brain Tumor Network, of which Bridge To A Cure is part, will influence the development of better treatments and interventions for childhood brain tumors. By leveraging the data and insights gained, clinical trials and drug development can be tailored to individual patients, leading to more effective treatments for our most vulnerable.”- Jena Lilly, CBTN Executive Director of Research Operations and Strategic Planning

At the Bridge To A Cure Foundation, we stand at the intersection of hope and loss, driven by a deep commitment to transforming the landscape of pediatric brain tumor research. Today, we reflect on a momentous milestone achieved by our collaborators at the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN): the enrollment of over 5,000 children as subjects to donate precious data samples. This landmark accomplishment, unprecedented in its scale, carries deep significance and underscores the urgency of the cause. It’s a revelation that may surprise some: in the pursuit of better treatments and cures, this unprecedented endeavor had not been fully realized until now.

As an organization that intimately understands the devastating impact of pediatric brain tumors, Bridge To A Cure is profoundly grateful for this milestone and the unwavering courage of the children, their families, and our entire network of scientists, researchers, and activists. Together, we forge ahead to find better treatments and cures, fueled by a shared determination and a commitment to honoring the lives of those we have lost to childhood cancer.

This milestone represents a profound partnership that goes beyond numbers. These 5,000 children and their families who have made the decision to share their clinical data and biospecimens to help find cures for other kids like them. Their legacy is our hope, and their resilience inspires us to keep pushing to unite and transform the childhood cancer research community to reduce childhood cancer deaths 50% by 2030.

The Transformative Approach to Childhood Brain Tumor Research

CBTN pairs the collected tissue with clinical data collected over the course of treatment, and, whenever possible, multiple types of molecular data, to create a robust and holistic dataset for researchers. This comprehensive approach allows for significant advancements in our understanding of childhood brain tumors. Recognizing the exponential impact of donated tissue and biospecimens, CBTN stewards the largest collection of childhood brain tumor biospecimens in the world. Moreover, they strive to make all specimens, data, and resources freely accessible to the global community of cancer researchers. This open collaboration and research-sharing model not only accelerates scientific discoveries but also significantly shortens the time required to launch new research projects.

A Call to Unity and Collaboration

At Bridge To A Cure Foundation, we believe progress accelerates through unity. As we observe this milestone, we pause to appreciate the collaborative efforts of CBTN as well as its dozens of partner institutions, hundreds of researchers, and advocates globally who have joined forces to end pediatric brain tumors. We look to the future with confidence and resolution. We envision a day when pediatric brain tumors are no longer a devastating diagnosis, but a treatable – or preventable – condition.

The knowledge gained from the research made possible because of these courageous donors, coupled with the passion and dedication of organizations like Bridge To A Cure, guide us toward that future. By fostering a culture of collaboration and sharing resources, we transform the dreams of children and families into tangible advancements. Furthermore, we commit to leveraging this milestone to bring attention, resources, and support to pediatric brain tumor research.

“We won’t stop. We will do everything in our power to find better therapies and cures through their very precious donation. We’re just not going to stop.” -Jennifer Mason, CBTN Director of Biospecimen and Clinical Research Operations

Bridge To A Cure Foundation and our allies are united in our commitment to honor the lives of the children we have lost and to create a brighter outcome for those still fighting. Together, we can bridge the gap between hope and cures.

You can help at bridgetoacure.org/donate.

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