A May Brain Tumor Awareness Month Progress Report

In the battle against childhood brain tumors, Bridge To A Cure Foundation has been relentless in its pursuit of progress and hope. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, which gives us pause to consider the remarkable milestones met. Read on to explore the Bridge To A Cure journey as we mark our foundation’s sixth May Brain Tumor Awareness Month. It is our steadfast belief that by working together we will experience the first May that brain tumor cures will be celebrated.


In collaboration with the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN), Bridge To A Cure has spearheaded an extraordinary data-building effort. The scale of childhood brain tumor data has grown exponentially, opening doors to research that was once deemed unattainable. In a single year, CBTN added data from over 8,000 specimen samples and added hundreds of new patient participants. This wealth of information is a beacon of hope for researchers worldwide, propelling their quest to discover effective treatments and cures.


After years of stagnation, pediatric cancer research has received a much-needed boost in government investment. This encouraging shift is a testament to the tireless advocacy of childhood cancer foundations, including Bridge To A Cure and St. Baldrick’s Foundation. While progress has been made, increased funding still falls short of what is necessary to combat childhood brain tumors effectively. Bridge To A Cure Foundation remains resolute in its commitment to lobby for increased investment, as the number one killer of children by disease in the U.S. demands urgent attention.


The power of collaboration and data sharing has revolutionized the pace of research in critical areas of rare childhood brain tumors. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of CBTN and Bridge To A Cure, breakthroughs have been accelerated by as much as 20 years. This remarkable acceleration underscores the promise of open science and collaboration, not only in the realm of childhood cancer but also in the pursuit of solutions for other devastating diseases. Through their unwavering dedication, researchers are reshaping the landscape of pediatric oncology, offering hope to countless families.


The journey towards a cure requires a united front, transcending borders and institutions. Bridge To A Cure Foundation has played a pivotal role in fostering a global collaboration among leading childhood brain tumor research and treatment centers. In the past year alone, six new institutions have joined the network, amplifying the impact of their collective expertise and resources. With 34 member institutions working hand-in-hand, researchers gain a comprehensive understanding of childhood brain tumors, paving the way for discovering more effective therapies. Together, they form an unstoppable force for progress.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is grabbing headlines these days. Essentially, AI enables the completion of complicated tasks using powerful, advanced computing technology. In the children’s cancer research space, it’s arguably become the biggest buzzword of the year for good reason. Because of the tremendous efforts of many in the Bridge To A Cure Foundation network, progress is picking up pace in terms of:

  • Near-automatic detection of brain tumors on MRI scans
  • Providing subtype predictions that can lead to faster, more accurate diagnoses
  • Helping doctors identify the best treatment options for each child
  • Assisting in detecting disease progression

Our collaborators at CBTN, powered by the Center for Data-Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, have partnered with Amazon Webs Services (AWS) to find new ways to use the power of high-powered, cloud-based computing and CBTN data and resources to impact the way healthcare is delivered, managed, and accessed for children with brain tumors.

To dive deeper into how AI promises to bring more effective treatments and cures to childhood cancer patients, read our February article, “Artificial Intelligence Offers Massive Potential for Progress.”


While strides have been made in treating certain childhood cancers, many deadly forms, including the 30 known types of pediatric brain and central nervous system cancers, still lack effective treatments. Bridge To A Cure Foundation shines a spotlight on these scientific challenges, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions. By addressing the long-term side effects of current treatments and driving research into novel therapies, Bridge To A Cure remains unyielding in their commitment to saving young lives.

This May Brain Tumor Awareness Month is marked by significant progress, hope, and unwavering commitment at Bridge To A Cure Foundation. Through a data-driven approach, increased funding support, collaborative research acceleration, global network adoption, and a focus on scientific breakthroughs, we are closer to a future where childhood brain tumors are no longer a devastating reality. However, the journey is far from over.

This month, you are called upon to join Bridge To A Cure Foundation in our mission. Together, we can make a life-altering impact in the lives of thousands of children and families affected by brain tumors. Let us stand united in support; providing hope, healing, and a brighter future for generations to come. Together, we can accelerate breakthroughs and build bridges to cures for childhood brain tumors.

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